Launching October 2015, the fourth generation Apple TV has received a complete overhaul and is finally upon us.

The new Apple TV is built using an updated operating system called tvOS and A8 Processor. The all-new OS makes it easier for developers to build new content. It is a compact piece of equipment which measures 3.9-inches in width x 1.3-inches in height and designed to compatible with HD televisions. Great features of the Apple TV include the Siri voice-recognition system for simplified search operation, a real app store, and motion sensor remote with touchpad. The box is naturally built-in with the popular TV-centric apps such as Hulu, Showtime, HBO Go, Netflix and includes a new user-friendly interface. A great addition is the full-blown app store which is much like what you get on Smartphones and tablets. Plus, access is given the TV shows, movies, and music purchased via the iTunes store. The latest edition of Apple TV is available in 32GB and 64GB models with launch prices indicated at $149.00 and $199.00 respectively.