19th Century abandoned sea forts: No Man’s Land Fort, Horse Sand Fort, and Spitbank Fort have been modernized to provide unique and luxury retreats.

Built in the late 1800’s, these three forts in the Solent Strait were originally built to act as a base to protect the British navy against a potential attack from Napoleon’s fleet. After remaining neglected for some time, the forts off the coast of southern England have a practical function once more. No Man’s Land Fort is at present under development. Horse Sand Fort has been converted into a museum. And Spitbank Fort is a luxury hotel with space to sleep up to 44 guests. A visit to Spitbank Fort gives access to 27 bedrooms, an outdoor heated pool, spa facilities, hot tubs, a recreation room, a mini golf course, a fire pit area, and stunning views out to the Isle of Wight. Bookings are accepted for special events or weddings with access to the Forts possible via helicopter or boat. The conversion the fort into luxury accommodation cost in the region of $4 million.


19th-Century-Abandoned-Sea-Forts-Transformed-Into-Hotels-and-Museum 2

19th-Century-Abandoned-Sea-Forts-Transformed-Into-Hotels-and-Museum 3

19th-Century-Abandoned-Sea-Forts-Transformed-Into-Hotels-and-Museum 4